Pumpkins, Squash, Indian Corn, & Corn Stalks

Hardy Mums are in. Corn stalks, pumpkins large and little, squash, and straw bales are all available.

Stop by either store to enjoy the bounty of the harvest.

Other Seasonal Items

Christmas Season

Christmas Trees, Crosses, Grave Sprays, Kissing Balls, Leaning Tree boxed cards, Ornaments, Roping, Swags, Wreath Stands, Wreaths

End of February or Early March

About 150 bulk garden seeds available. Mostly vegetable. Some flower seeds. In amounts of 1/16 ounce up to 50 lbs. Based on availability.

Spring Season

Rubarb, tomatoes, chives, cabbage, onion sets, and seed potatoes. Also Texas onions, aspargus roots, bare root strawberries, and bare root raspberries. Call the store to confirm availability.

Asparagus Roots, Bug Killer, Bulk Flower Seed, Bulk Garden Seed, Eraser, Fertilizer, Fungicide, Garden Gloves, Garlic, Hand Tools, Inoculant, Onion Plants, Onion Sets, Rakes, Seed Packets, Seed Potatoes, Sevin, Weed Free Zone, Wildflower Mixes

12 varieties of seed potatoes including Adirondack Reds, Blues, and Austrian Crescent Fingerlings. Onion sets, asparagus roots, the best Texas onion plants, rhubarb, cole crops, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes. Bare-root raspberries and strawberries also available.

May through July

Hanging Baskets, Hanging Pouches, Filled Planters, Flowers, Herbs, Strawberry Plants, Vegetables

Lawn and/or Garden

Alfalfa, Birdbaths, Clay Pots, Clovers, Compost, Cow Manure, Fertilizer, Field Corn, Grass Seed, Gypsum, Lime (barn and lawn), Mulch (cocoa, cypress, western bark), Pasture Mixes, Peat Moss, Pickling Crocks, Pottery, Potting Soil, Rape Seed, Sand, Seed Starter, Tomato Cages, Top Soil, Weed & Feed, Wildlife Mixes

We carry "AG Grand" natural products like fertilizer, liquid bone meal, and the kelp and sulfate of potash combination.

image of the AG Grand brand name
image of a bottle of AG Grand natural fertilizer image of a bottle of AG Grand natural bone meal image of a bottle of AG Grand natural kelp and sulfate of potash

Get your lawn care supplies here. We carry 5 different grass seed mixes developed for our area. We also carry crab grass preventer, Weed-N-Feed, lime, straw, potting soil, and peat moss.