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Horse care, nutrition, and tack
Bird seed to attract song birds to your yard
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Harbor PC of Racine

Computer Sales & Service
Quality used PCs for sale.
PC repair in-house or on-site.
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3208 Washington Ave, Racine
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Poster - Squirrel Incognito Squirrel Incognito

Poster - The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects

Red Horse and Leather by Grandma Sue
Red Horse and Leather

The Bird by Grandma Sue
The Bird

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Specialty Items

Klema Feeds and Wadsworth Feed & Saddlery offer wood sculpture from Chicks with Chainsaws and Grandma Sue's hand-crafted, decorative gourds. These are unique accents for your yard, garden, or home.

Hive Kits and Bee Keeping Supplies

Hive KitBee Keeping Supplies

Complete Hive Kit includes:

1 - Varroa Mite Screened Bottom Board with Drawer and Entrance Reducer
2 - Hive Bodies (10 frame 9 5/8")
Each Hive Body has 10 frames with foundation (9 1/8")
2 - Honey Supers (10 frame 6 5/8")
Each Honey Super has 10 frames with foundation (6 1/4")
1 - Top Feeder
10 frame can be switched with Honey Super frames for early and late
season feeding
1 - Inner Cover
1 - Telescoping metal cover

Package Bees for Sale

Italian or Carniolan 3# Bee Packages

Also Queens available – Please call for availability

2 Pick up locations – (North) Franksville, WI and (South) Wilmot, WI

Also available – Italian Over-Wintered Bee NUCS

Sign up at Klema Feeds today. $50 deposit on each package or NUC.

Bee Keeping Supplies include:

bee brushes, hive beetle traps and oil, hive tools, smokers and bee-healthy smoker fuel, and gloves.

Wood Sculpture from “Chicks with Chainsaws”
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River Otter Cardinal Heron Rabbit

Unique Iron Sculpture using horseshoes.
Click on image to see a 360° rotation.

Iron Hawk made from horseshoes
Iron Hawk
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
The Chicken made from horseshoes
The Chicken
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Grandma Sue's hand-crafted, decorative gourds

Floral by Grandma Sue
Flowers by Grandma Sue
Horse Shoes and Horse Heads by Grandma Sue
Horse Shoes & Horse Heads